WFUNA supports and encourages youth engagement and participation in the United Nations Associations and United Nations Youth Associations around the world through the WFUNA Youth Network. With this initiative, we want to highlight the contributions of thousands of young people to our organization and share their achievements with a wider audience.

How does it work?

Every year, WFUNA sets a theme and calls for nominations for young people from the WFUNA Youth Network working within that theme. From the nominations, the WFUNA Secretary-General and WFUNA Youth Advisory Council select three young leaders to be interviewed. After each nominee is interviewed, a final candidate will be selected as the WFUNA Young Leader of the Year. 

Who is an ideal WFUNA Young Leader of the Year?

A WFUNA Young Leader of the Year has to be able to inspire other youth looking to get involved in global issues.

An ideal candidate shows:

  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Grassroots work on the theme of the year
  • Integrity and commitment towards improving the lives of others

In addition, the WFUNA Young Leader of the Year is:

  • Between 15-29 years old
  • A member of a United Nations Association or United Nations Youth Association

What is this year's theme?

The WFUNA Young Leader of 2021 theme is focused on highlighting the role young people play in overcoming the global COVID-19 pandemic. 2021 marked the second year of the pandemic, and despite the roll out of vaccines, it is far from over. Continued efforts to overcome the pandemic from all parts of society are vital to return to normality and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Young people should not hesitate to rise to the challenge as they can play a key role in overcoming – and recovering from – the global pandemic, while upholding the values of the United Nations.

We encourage nominations of young people that are working to:

  • Participate actively in efforts to respond to and overcome the pandemic;
  • Contribute to challenging negative stereotypes associated with young people seen as spoilers to an effective response; 
  • Find creative and innovative solutions to continue implementing youth programs amidst challenges posed by COVID-19; 
  • Make upholding human rights central to recovery plans.

Apart from being able to state proudly that you have been selected as WFUNA Young Leader of 2021, you might be able to:

  • Participate in WFUNA’s awareness raising campaigns and advocacy efforts 
  • Engage in panel discussions, workshops, training sessions facilitated by WFUNA
  • Free participation in WFUNA’s programs, such as the Human Rights Youth Training in Geneva, WIMUN, Mission Possible, etc.


December 14 - WFUNA Young Leader of the Year call launches

January 31 – Application closes (deadline)

February 25 – Selection is made by WFUNA Secretary-General and WFUNA Youth Advisory Council

February 28 – WFUNA Young Leader of the Year is announced


Please use this form to nominate a young person


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