WFUNA Youth Camp: Korea is an educational initiative launched to encourage greater global civic responsibility by involving participants in actionable extra-curricular programs aimed at helping impoverished youth in developing countries.

What is our goal?

The program aims to raise awareness of the objectives and related challenges of the United Nations by providing a 5-day camp that teaches elementary, middle and secondary school students about the United Nations and international relations in a creative and interactive setting.

The program aims to foster global leaders by training youth with simulative education tools such as Model UN. The camp will guide participants to apply these skillsets to build a better understanding of the United Nations system and global issues. 


Youth Camp: Korea

Why do we want this?

The work of the United Nations reaches every corner of the globe and activities are guided by the three main pillars of peace and security, human rights and sustainable development, including the Sustainable Development Goals.

Awareness on a wide range of UN activities needs to be further expanded and it is vital that youth are given the tools and support to take on the related challenges in an independent and proactive way.

WFUNA Youth Camp: Korea provides youth participants with the adequate knowledge, skills and tools to engage in discussions on new challenges and opportunities and equips them to design projects advancing the debate on a sustainable development agenda. WFUNA has extensive experience providing trainings to students through activities on a large variety of UN-related issues, such as the UN human rights instruments and mechanisms, the SDSs or our Advanced Training at the UN program.

WFUNA Youth Camp: Korea adds practical and concrete value to the study programs of youth in Korea and prepares them for their potential careers in international affairs.

Who is this for?

150 - 250 youth (5th Grade – 12th Grade) enrolled in elementary, middle and high school/secondary schools

Youth Camp: Korea

Program Components & Tracks (5 Day Program)

  • By beginning with a 3-day Model UN workshop and then proceeding to a 2-day Model UN conference, youth will explore the multiple perspectives and challenges world leaders face when approaching global issues. With the world renowned Model UN professionals, the camp will guide students to build skillsets in public speaking, critical thinking, and deliberating on key UN issues.
  • Participants will be divided into three tracks based on their grade levels and further divided into different classes based on their English language levels. Each track will be proctored by two trainers with no more than 30 students per track. Additional tracks will be created should they be needed to meet the above requirements.

Curriculum Theme

The curricular theme of the WFUNA Youth Camp: Korea Summer 2018 is the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). During the camp, youth will explore multiple perspectives and challenges UN delegations face in dealing with the development goals of the United Nations.

Curricular Subjects

Participants will be taught by guest lecturers and internationally renowned Model United Nations trainers on the following subjects.

  • Career Opportunities at the United Nations
  • Public Speaking & Negotiation Skills
  • The History of the United Nations
  • The Sustainable Development Goals
  • Topic Research
  • Country Research
  • Model United Nations Rules of Procedure
  • Resolution Writing

Extracurricular Programs

Extracurricular programs are carried out each night after dinner. The activities are sponsored and organized by WFUNA’s partner organizations and are designed to promote greater civic responsibility among camp participants.

  • Shoes for Hope (Hope to the Future Association)
  • Soap for Life (Youtheca)
  • UN Fashion Night (KICMUN Secretariat)
  • WFUNA Talent Show (WFUNA Supporters)
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