Sustainable Innovation Officer

Charlotte Arribe

Charlotte is the Sustainable Innovation Officer at the World Federation of UN Associations in the Seoul office. She works on the Citypreneurs Initiative to help cities simultaneously address their urban challenges and the SDGs; mobilize multi-stakeholder cooperation to lead cities towards inclusive growth, prosperity and well-being; and provide opportunities for young people to solve challenges they care about through innovation.

Prior to joining WFUNA, she was a Sustainable Development Consultant at UNESCAP East and North-East Asia Office, where she worked on policy around technology, youth, gender and regional integration. She was also the Creative Strategist for a Korean start-up, the Assistant Director of Korea Programs for the Youth Diplomacy & Language Institute (NPO), a trainer for the 2016 WFUNA Youth Camp: Korea, and a Youth Program Specialist in the private sector. During her time at Sciences Po, she worked on the “Management of Social Transformations” (MOST) program, a Regional Integration project under UNESCO’s Policy and International Cooperation division in Paris.

Charlotte holds an M.A. of Global Affairs & Policy in International Development Cooperation and Law & Organizations from Yonsei University, Seoul, and a B.A. in International Relations and Cultural Anthropology from University of California, Davis.