Leah Bronstein

WIMUN New York 2019. A place with accurate simulations of committees, eye opening problem solving and developing friendships, but not only. Last WIMUN New York, the conference also hosted a global culture night, called the WIMUN Global Experience.

The event allowed delegates to present their culture with decorated tables, food or even dance, giving a little taste of what their country has to offer. Some delegates even handed out small gifts, like little flags or for the Chinese delegates, 压岁钱(yā suì qián). Also known as “lucky money” or “New year’s money”, the red envelopes had one yuan inside, to wish good luckand share some of their national pride. This gave delegates the opportunity to share their culture as well as learn more about others and interact with their peers outside of their committees. 

The night began with all the delegates setting up their tables. Some of the many countries represented included Brazil, Oman, China and the US. The tables were full of food, students were dressed in traditional clothes, and music was starting to play. People began filling the halls in between the stalls and learning about one another. 

As the night continued on, the hall was packed from wall to wall. Delegates from countries such as Jamaica and Palestine had circles around them as they first showed their traditional dances and then taught the on-looking crowd. With the audience engaged, the dancing lasted all evening, much to the delegates’ delight. 

At the end of the night, the food was gone and the gifts distributed. Delegates left elated, having been able to showcase a part of themselves. Suddenly, they had a better understanding of different cultures along with new connections from all over the world.