What WIMUN Gave Me

Leah Bronstein

 When students finish WIMUN, they leave not only with an amazing experience but also with skills they will utilize for the rest of their life. Whether participating as a delegate or as a secretariat member, participants often leave with improved communication and research skills, a greater understanding of international processes and diplomacy, and a new outlook on their future.

            After WIMUN New York 2019, where I participated as a secretariat member, I saw improvement in my own abilities. At an international conference you are not only faced with communicating with people from around the world, which presents its own challenges, but are also participating in a consensus process where you must learn to communicate in a way that promotes conflict resolution. Communication skills are invaluable and are used in any job position, regardless of level or sector. Along with developing my communication abilities I saw serious improvement in my research abilities. When participating in WIMUN, you need to know your topic, your country position, and the procedures which is done through research. This gave me important research practice which has helped me in both my studies and my career development.

            While WIMUN gave me general skills that can be used in any sector, it also helped me develop my understanding of international relations, specifically. For any person interested in global governance and conflict resolution WIMUN is an amazing chance to better understand these processes. By taking part in the consensus process, participants try their hand at negotiations and issue resolution. These are vital abilities for anyone pursuing a future in international relations. Also, WIMUN’s adherence to the realistic procedures of the UN, gives participants a greater understanding of how global governance works in real life. This understanding has allowed me to study international issues with a more knowledgeable approach.

            Along with important skills, WIMUN also gave me a new outlook on my future and more broadly the world. I left WIMUN knowing that I want to pursue a career in international relations and with an ignited interest in studying conflict resolution. While I had had an interest in these things before, I came out of WIMUN with more assurance and more knowledge of the different ways I can participate in global processes in the future. From participating in WIMUN, I became more determined in the path I wanted to take and was given the opportunity to develop the skills I will need follow that path.