Anusha Tummallapalli

The REAL Deal

At WIMUN New York, we don’t want to waste your time with pretend negotiations that don’t really get you any closer to working at the UN. We want to give you the real deal. Our mission is to accurately simulate the real UN negotiations and proceedings so that you leave WIMUN NY knowing exactly how working within the UN actually feels. From the delegates to the press team, each aspect of WIMUN is carefully structured to be as close as possible to the real deal, making your experience that much more memorable.

Many students worldwide participate in Model United Nations with aspirations of working in the United Nations or UN agencies. Most MUN simulations that these students attend are conducted in either the North American or THIMUN procedure. While these procedures can greatly help students develop soft skills, they lack the accuracy of a real United Nations proceeding. That’s what WIMUN does differently. 

Teamwork makes the dream work

WFUNA has worked with the UN Department of Public Information to develop the WIMUN Approach, a set of committee rules and procedures designed to be the most accurate simulation of the United Nations. Rather than working towards the goal of passing your own bloc’s resolution versus other delegates, all delegates work towards a consensus in which resolutions are not voted on competitively but instead agree upon one solution that is formally adopted. Because teamwork makes the dream work!

Hands on training

And the learning extends outside the committee room as well. At WIMUN NY, delegates will attend workshops conducted by UN diplomats and officials and learn about topics selected straight from the real UN agenda. Delegates can get an insider’s perspective into how these solutions have been implemented in the past. Delegates will also receive Model UN training from WIMUN staff on practical delegate skills so they can confidently excel in committees and get the most out of their WIMUN experience.

This procedure creates a positive learning environment for all delegates that emphasizes teamwork, collaboration, negotiation, and mutual understanding. Delegates do not have to worry about being the most competitive or cutthroat delegate in the room, but instead about creating innovative and feasible solutions. The development of these skills helps students excel not only in the committee room but in school and in the workplace as well.

From novice to experienced delegates, anyone can benefit from the WIMUN approach. After four days of committee sessions at WIMUN, students will leave New York City with a new perspective on the United Nations and well being prepared to excel as Model UN delegates.


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