Anusha Tummallapalli

Students from around the world come together every year in New York City for WIMUN, the most accurate simulation of the United Nations. Delegates participate in four days of committee sessions in addition to attending training sessions and workshops led by UN diplomats and officials. Outside the committee, delegates have the chance to attend social activities hosted by WIMUN and explore New York City with fellow delegates. Learn more about the WIMUN experience firsthand from a former WIMUN delegate, Wandile Msomi!

Why did you decide to attend WIMUN?

WIMUN is the most accurate Model United Nations out there, it’s like the Superbowl of Model United Nations. I was told that every Model UN student has to attend WIMUN at least once in their MUN career. As a serial MUNer myself, I could not miss out on an incredible experience.

What were the expectations versus reality for your WIMUN experience?

I expected the traditional MUN rules of procedure but was surprised by the difference between WIMUN rules of procedure and what I was used to. This again spoke to the accuracy of the rules of procedure of the Committees and the conference at large.

What is your favorite memory from WIMUN outside the committee room?

Seeing the nightlife of New York City was incredible! This included using the breaks to go shopping down 5th Avenue and sightseeing with my new friends.

How has your perspective of the United Nations changed since attending WIMUN?

I realized how much work the United Nations does in addition to trying to maintain peace, such as working towards the elimination of human suffrage as guaranteed by the SDGs and its indicators.

Did you notice any improvement in your MUN skills after WIMUN?

Yes! I realized the importance of a consensus-centered debate and discussion, where what’s important is not to get all your ideas onto the convention but to actually build stronger ideas that take into consideration all points that have been made and debate in good faith.

What is your favorite country/delegate to represent in MUN? What country/delegate do you hope to represent in the future?

I always find Russia an interesting country to represent because of the way they view the world. MUN is about putting yourself in another person’s shoes,  sometimes of countries you don’t particularly understand. The United States of America is one country I wish to represent in a MUN next time.

What is your craziest MUN experience?

My craziest MUN experience ever was finding myself actually agreeing with the stance of a country I never thought I would agree with! We would take debates outside the committee rooms because they were so interesting, we would actually get in character and defend our countries.

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