Aurore Heugas

New York City is the place where dreams are made with mesmerizing skyscrapers and monuments as well as flourishing arts, food, fashion and nightlife scenes. Coming from different countries around the world, movies and television shows shaped our imagination about what the big apple is like. Soon, with WIMUN, you'll be able to find out for yourself what it's like to be in “melting pot," but for now, here are five television shows set in New York City!

1. Gossip Girl

Take a dip in the lives of New York’s most privileged teenagers. At the heart of the show; secrets, romances and friendships, all to be unravelled by Gossip Girl, a ruthless and mysterious blogger. Attractive actors mixed with designer outfits, lavish lifestyles (they never seem to eat their fabulous brunches) and secrets, all the ingredients are there to captivate us. This show brings the Upper East Side drama into our lives.

2. Suits

This is New York City seen through the eyes of the most voracious lawyers. Suits tells the story of Mike Ross, a college-dropout with a brilliant mind and a photographic memory, who goes from dealing drugs to working in the city’s top law firm. Harvey Spector, the best legal closer, decides to take Mike under his wing and show him what law is really about. The iconic duo will not be making any friends in this cut-throat field.

3. Seinfeld

Let’s go back to a more blissful time, 1989, when the Berlin Wall came down and the first Back to the Future sequel came out. 1989 was also the year of Seinfeld. Set primarily in an Upper West Side apartment and a nearby coffee shop, the show could seem outdated, but that’s what makes it fun to watch. At the heart of the storyline; four lovable characters, Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer and how to date, park and just survive in New York City.

4. The Night Of

If you prefer a darker, more suspenseful show, “The night of” might be for you. After a night of heavy-drinking, Pakistani-American college student Nasir Khan wakes up next to a mysterious young woman. The problem is, she was stabbed to death. Charged with her murder and in custody, Naz discovers that his survival lies on a particular inmate at Rikers Island. In only eight episodes, this New York City murder is more than just that: it’s the fight against the justice system, where sometimes the truth isn’t a priority. 

5. Sex and the City

It’s been said that the fifth character of this show is New York City itself. From Magnolia’s Bakery to Trapeze School New York to The Plaza to Tiffany’

s, we get to take a glamorous tour through the City. Alongside four strong and funny women; Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda, we take a look at what sexuality, femininity and friendship is about from different perspectives.