Brendan Christopher DeSouza

The role of Under-Secretary-General (USG) for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management (conveniently shortened to GAACM!) is perhaps one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles available. It requires the individual to know everything that is taking place at the conference, be in contact with everyone taking part and have an eye for detail, since there are so many small challenges that present themselves during a conference.

As the name implies, the role encompasses both logistics and GA management, including sitting on the bureau during plenaries. This gives one an interesting insight not only into behind the scenes logistics but also a front row view of the important debates that take place. On the logistics side, the USG for GAACM works closely with all the organisers and supporters including WFUNA, SIOI, and the UNDPI to ensure the smooth running of the conference and that the rules of procedure are adhered to.

WIMUN 2014 in particular gave me the opportunity to combine my MUN experience with the skills gained in my masters degree in International Studies in an environment where the international diplomacy is much more "real" than at virtually any other conference. The fact that so many high level sponsors and organisers are coming together with so many delegates at the UN itself shows how important this conference is and why you should definitely apply to staff it!