Conference Partners

Best Delegate is an education organization with a mission to help students and teachers succeed in Model United Nations worldwide. Best Delegate runs the Model United Nations Institute and has conducted workshops in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Its website and online resources are used by over 650,000 participants annually from over 190 countries and territories.

Best Delegate has helped organize nearly a dozen conferences at the UN Headquarters and is a pioneer in implementing WIMUN Approach simulations. Best Delegate oversees the conference planning and management for WIMUN New York.

MUNCafé, a brand of Worldview Education, is a global platform providing opportunities and solutions for students interested in experiential learning through Model United Nations and other inter-governmental simulations. We use a mix of travel, conferences, projects, training & mentorship modules as tools in our international experiential learning programs. Our aim is to develop responsible global leaders through impactful experiential learning.

MUNCafé is our partner in hosting WIMUN India in addition to being a Recruitment Partner for WIMUN New York.

FACAMP (Faculdades de Campinas), is a privately owned college founded in 2000. In less than a decade, its innovative educational project has gained the respect of the Brazilian academic community, as well as the recognition of the dynamic labor market. FACAMP is set in a 100,000 square meter campus of sustainable landscape, with more than a thousand native trees and twenty-two-thousand orchid plants. The campus has ample modern buildings and common spaces for student interaction.

FACAMP is our partner in hosting WIMUN Brazil.

Recruitment Partners

WELAND International, founded in 2005, is an innovative global simulation education platform. It is committed to providing a series of global activities and training programs to students all over the world to help them have a positive mindset and become a productive member of society in the future. Nowadays, WELAND International is a member of the China Public Diplomacy Association. WELAND runs several programs: WEMUN EXPO - the largest international MUN conference in Asia which involves more than 1, 000 delegates from middle and high schools all over the world each year, WeAcademy, WeOverseas, WExplorer Program and the International Elites Study Abroad Program.

WELAND promotes the WIMUN Approach actively in China and is a Recruitment Partner for WIMUN New York.

Global Leader Education Platform, founded in 2009, is both an educational organization using Model United Nations as a tool to cultivate future leaders, and an activist in promoting UN values.

As an Educator, GLE has its own training programs and developed its own MUN curriculum, which gives students an in-depth look into what MUN is. As an activist, GLE is involved in several UN agencies’ practices in China, such as coordinating lectures in both high schools and colleges for UNDP China, and also attends UN conferences, to give high school students a touch of real UN business.

GLE is a Recruitment Partner for WIMUN New York.