Ann-Kristin Matthé, Fadoua Aouni and Selim Khrouf

Have you ever wondered how you can simulate the United Nations in the most accurate way?

During WIMUN, we did exactly this. We are Ann-Kristin Matthé, Fadoua Aouni and Selim Khrouf, the General Assembly Officials of WIMUN 2014’s General Assembly Second Committee (Economic and Financial Committee). Using the Rules of Procedure developed by the United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI), we supported delegates on their way to consensus by facilitating mergers between drafts of different country blocks. As Chair, Ann-Kristin moderated the debate and ensured compliance with the Rules of Procedure. Fadwa and Selim supported her work as Assistant Chairs, helping to manage committee logistics, observing the debate, and answering delegates’ questions.

For us, WIMUN 2014 was an intense MUN experience that offered us the great opportunity to apply the UNDPI's UN4MUN approach and to teach MUN to students from all over the world. Seeing participants grow in their roles during the conference was a really rewarding experience. Moreover, it was great to work our host organization the Wold Federation of United Nations Association (WFUNA) and partners like Best Delegate.

During WIMUN 2014, we collected unforgettable memories of sessions and socials, built international friendships, and acquired an even deeper understanding of the differences between MUNs and the real UN.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to submit your candidacy to run in the election of GA official to experience a new dimension of MUN! Simulating the UN in an authentic environment with an authentic set of rules is a unique opportunity, which is not to be missed!