Can I register as an Individual?

Yes, you can register and participate as an individual delegate. However, it is mandatory to be accompanied by a Faculty Advisor/guardian. You will be required to accept the terms and conditions that apply specifically to individual delegates upon registration.

However there are several advantages of registering as a delegation. Students who register as a delegation have a   higher chance of getting a better allocation and are generally allocated the same country. This helps the students to prepare better.

How many students can register together as a delegation?

There is no minimum or maximum number of students who can register together as a delegation. However for a delegation of ten students, cost for one Faculty Advisor is waived.

I am a delegate, can I stay in a single room instead of double?

No, as per the policy of WIMUN India 2019, delegates are not allowed to stay on single occupancy basis. However the faculty advisor may opt for a single room at an additional cost.

Why is it a residential conference?

WIMUN India 2019 is being held at Jaypee Palace, Agra. It is a 100% residential conference because we wanted to ensure a holistic and immersive experience for our delegates while also ensuring the highest levels of safety. By staying at the hotel you are surrounded by delegates from numerous countries and cities from around the world. It is a great opportunity to network, make friends, and immerse yourself in this experience. We have worked hard to subsidize the accommodation and conference price for our delegates at one of the best 5 star hotels in Agra.

What social events will be held during the conference?

There will be two major social events held during the conference, the details for which will be announced shortly.

Can faculty advisors attend committee sessions?

Faculty advisors cannot participate during committee sessions however they are allowed and encouraged to be present as silent observers during the committee sessions.

How should I research for my committee?

There are numerous ways in which you can prepare to contribute effectively to your committee. The first and most effective way to prepare is to thoroughly go through the Secretary General Report for your specific committee. The WIMUN India team will provide you access to Secretary General reports and webinars once you have been allocated a committee and been assigned a country or position.

WFUNA prepares a Secretary General report for each committee being simulated. These reports help with you understand your topic better and help with your preparation. Webinars are an online interactive supplement to the traditional Secretary General Report, where we will have discussion forums, where you can interact with  The Secretariat, and where you can read relevant articles that will be regularly posted. Depending on your prior experience, do read through our guidelines regarding rules of procedure, writing resolutions, working papers, and position papers. 

I have never attended a MUN before. Am I still eligible to participate?

Yes, attending WIMUN is a great way to start your journey in the world of Model UN! Prior to attending committee sessions we will provide all delegates with preparation materials, and give them the opportunity to attend workshop and training sessions.

Do I have to be a student enrolled in a recognised school to register?

If you are currently not enrolled in a recognized school, you will still be able to submit an application. Please note on the application that you are taking a break from schooling. These applications will be approved on a case-by-case basis and the WIMUN staff will let you know if your application has been approved.

Who are General Assembly Elected Officials which make up a committee’s Bureau, and how are they selected?

After registering as a delegate in the General Assembly, you will have the opportunity to be elected to one of the following roles by the rest of the delegates in the General Assembly.

President of the General Assembly (PGA): The PGA is in charge of the General Assembly (GA) Rules of Procedure but has no say in the actual decision-making of the GA. In this role the PGA, opens and closes each GA plenary meeting, rules on points of order, and presides over discussions in plenary meetings.

Chair (1 per committee): The Chair declares the opening and closing of meetings of the committee. In these meetings he or she directs the discussions, makes sure that the rules are observed, accords the right to speak, puts forward questions, and announces decisions.  The Chair has complete control of the proceedings at any meeting and has the responsibility of maintaining order at all times. The Chair may not promote any national (assigned country) or personal views and does not vote. In addition to the Secretary in each committee, who is well-versed in WIMUN Procedure and who can answer any questions the Chair has, there will be a script detailing everything—to the word—that should be said and when to say it.

How many positions are available in each committee?

General Assembly*

  • 1 - Chair

Security Council*

  • 1 - President


  • 1 - President

*Subject to change

In case I get allotted a country in the Security Council, can I give up my allocation and apply for the role of GAO or vice versa?

Unfortunately, you cannot forfeit your role in the Security Council or General Assembly to apply for an elected official position in a Committee or Council you have not been assigned to.  

Can I apply as an observer?

Yes, you may apply to be an observer at WIMUN India. Observers are able to sit, listen, and take notes during committee sessions but cannot participate in the actual debate itself. You can apply to be an observer by emailing and indicating your interest in this position. The fee for an observer is the same amount as the delegate fee.