Skills that extend into your professional and personal life!

Have you ever found yourself struggling to negotiate, nervous speaking in front of crowds or simply stumped for a good comeback? The skills developed from WIMUN will equip you for these kinds of situations that extend into your professional and personal life.

Negotiating pay
Whether you work at the local bakery or the top banking firm, there will almost definitely come a time in your life where you will seek to negotiate your salary. Fortunately, at WIMUN you gain the invaluable skill of negotiating with ease, conviction and politeness under the simulated pressure of mounting global crises. Your ability to negotiate peaceful solutions to military catastrophes and economic breakdowns is transferable to your everyday life where a country’s reputation isn’t resting on your shoulders, so the stakes are much less high. If you can do it at the United Nations, you can do it anywhere.

Job Interviews
We’ve all been there. Fumbling for words and trying to make yourself look great in front of the employer. At least now when you return home from WIMUN you’ll be able to ace every job interview you step into by acquiring the skill of staying cool, calm and collected in tense situations. At WIMUN, being tasked with maintaining the respected reputation of the country you represent will be a transferable skill into any real life job interview as you maintain your own (or the company’s) image.

University presentations
Say goodbye to awkward silences, monotone delivery. At WIMUN you can learn how to use those silences for persuasion and your voice for purpose. Experience the exhilaration of speaking with passion about humanitarian issues and the excitement of captivating your peers with enticing proposals. Carry these skills with you to your university and high school presentations where you’ll be able to engage audiences of any demographic to hang onto your every last word.

Group Work Assignments
Don’t let group assignments be the black mark on your report card. At WIMUN you are positioned to cooperate with other nations and interest groups in finding solutions to the world’s greatest issues. World peace can’t be achieved without the cooperation of states, similarly, your group assignments will be easier and more enjoyable when you apply this MUN skill of team work.

Advocacy - fighting for justice
Want to turn the simulated MUN solutions into real life? WIMUN embeds in each participant a drive for change in the world and a passion for peace. Be today’s leader by applying your advocacy skills learnt in WIMUN negotiations into real life humanitarian causes and social change. Get to work on the resolutions you drafted by volunteering in a local or global organisation that is taking practical steps to build a better earth.

Making new friends
Overcome the awkward ‘lost in translation’ effect by attending WIMUN. Break down the barriers of communication and connect with the unexpected. With hundreds of students from diverse nations and walks of life in the one WIMUN room negotiating, discussing and resolving, you are bound to develop the skill of cross-cultural communication - connecting with people from different cultures to you. Apply this skill in your travels and experiences with meeting new people as you learn to empathise and understand the cultures of others. 

Asking someone on a date
Don’t be the person who deliberates for too long on how to ask someone out that they miss the entire opportunity. WIMUN teaches your how to think on your feet and be confident in your speech with the ability to persuade other countries, and even persuade that person you’ve had your eyes on to go out on a date with you.

A smorgasbord of MUN skills that are invaluable in your everyday life experiences are at  your fingertips at WIMUN. Get ready to be equipped for any circumstances in your school, university, career and personal life.