WIMUN Geneva Opportunity


Every year, tens of thousands of students participate in Model United Nations conferences. In cities around the world, diverse groups gather to discuss and draft solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing us today. By participating in Model UN conferences, students form a massive brain trust which puts forward solutions that are both innovative and sometimes unrealistic.

Often, these solutions remain confined within the four walls of the conference. While the perspective, public speaking skills, and intellectual curiosity that delegates develop as a result of MUN may push them to become leaders in global affairs or other related sectors in the long term, the solutions they craft fail to have a tangible impact in the short run. At WFUNA, we strongly believe it’s time for that to change.

Starting with WIMUN Geneva 2019, we are launching a new program called Act2Impact, which aims to encourage delegates to take the enthusiasm they show during WIMUN conferences and use it to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in their communities.

The program will offer delegates who are registered for WIMUN Geneva free online training on how to develop and manage the SDG projects in their local communities. WIMUN is committed to supporting delegates who are interested in taking the next step to implement their ideas to make this world a better place for all and we can’t wait to see the projects they bring to the table.

From the beginning of our first conference in New York City, WIMUN’s staff and founders have been committed to the idea of Model UN as a way to provide delegates with the tools and skills they need to create change in their own communities. As part of the World Federation of United Nations Associations, we have always hoped that delegates would be able to use the experience they gain from simulating UN meetings to change the world one day.

We believe that adding Act2Impact—a program focused on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals—is the next logical step to help our delegates make a tangible change in their communities.

The Act2Impact training program is simple and will be offered for free to delegates who register for WIMUN conferences. You can register for our upcoming conference in Geneva here. Those who register for the conference can choose to be a part of Act2Impact by submitting a project proposal related to the SDGs. Once their projects are accepted, members of the Act2Impact groups will receive online training on how to manage and develop their projects. Those determined to be the best projects will be presented to our participants from all over the world at the conference’s closing ceremony and on the WIMUN blog.

We hope to see you and your delegation at WIMUN Geneva and see what projects you are interested in developing in your community through Act2Impact. You can register for Act2Impact hereYou can find more information about how to register and important deadlines herePlease feel free to reach out to wimun@wfuna.org if you have any questions and concerns. Do check back with the blog for more information about the SDGs, the history of Act2Impact, and inspiration for your projects!