Aurore Heugas

As we get deeper into the holiday season, WIMUN is getting closer and closer! As all of you (we hope) are aware, the conference takes place in New York City. At that time of year, the weather can be one of two things: freezing and sunny or freezing and snowy. Preparing your suitcase and knowing what to bring to any event or holiday is already stressful, so packing for the New York City winter can be a nightmare if you haven’t experienced it!

Let us reassure you first: once in inside the Grand Hyatt or the UN headquarters, you will be warm and cozy in your formal MUN attire.

But, if you decide to venture into the snow, here are a few tips:

1. Layers

New Yorkers have used this tip for decades throughout the seasons. The city’s temperature tends to fluctuate and you may have to dress for several different occasions during the day. For your week at WIMUN, we recommend bringing thermal tops you can wear under your clothes and a few light sweaters as well as bigger, warmer ones you can throw on, depending on where you’re going.

2. A Warm Coat

New York can get very windy, and combined with the February cold can very much resemble falling off the Titanic and onto an iceberg. (Well, maybe not *that* extreme). While you may still bring your formal coats and jackets, make sure you have something warmer to put over them, or to switch with. Materials that don’t fear the wind or the snow are best.

3. Cold Weather Accessories

Yes, we are talking about hats, scarves, socks and gloves. When outside, you want to make sure you are leaving the least amount of surface for the cold and wind to get to. That means warm gloves or mittens, a hat that covers your ears and thick socks (possibly thermal ones)!

4. Shoes

Waterproof boots are a must! The goal here is that your feet stay water-free if you step in unexpectedly deep puddles, walk in the snow or get splashed by a car. Be also aware of your shoes’ grip, to prevent you from slipping and sliding all over the city.

5. An Extra Bag

WIMUN is a special event and you obviously won’t be wearing the same clothes and shoes outside and in the conference. Prepare a bag you can bring with you to switch shoes once inside, as well as store the extra layers you want to take off.