Aurore Heugas

During your lunch break, you may not have a lot of time to look for places to eat, which is why we did it for you!

Here are a few options for a quick and affordable lunch in Midtown NYC, near the United Nations Headquarters and the Grand Hyatt. 

Food Trucks

This is probably the quickest option, since food trucks are all over the city. Don’t forget to have cash for these, since food carts mostly don’t take credit cards.

1. Yumpling Food Truck: With a simple menu, Yumpling facilitate a quick and efficient line in front of their truck. The must-get are the dumplings as well as the fried chicken rice bowl with their authentic Taiwanese flavours.

2. The Halal Guys: Strongly recommended by our very own Ibrahim El Kazaz, the USG for Communications and Public Information, this food truck is for the big eaters because the portions are worth two meals. (But who will complain about that?!) Add $2 to your already great meal and get their famous falafels.

3. Uncle Gussy’s: This Greek/Mediterranean food cart is also a great option. Their pita sandwiches, greek salads as well as tzatziki sauce are all well known and appreciated amongst the office workers of the area!

Healthy Options

If you are determined to keep your New Year’s resolutions, or just want a break from all the fast foods NYC has to offer, here are some healthy AND delicious places.

4. Foxy Greens: Perfect if you are looking for vegan, vegetarian or gluten free food, or just want a filling healthy meal. Most known for their truffled avocado toast (they do not hold back on the avocado), as well as their fresh juices and amazing coffee. There are lots of different items to choose from, so don’t hesitate to look at their online menu beforehand!

5. Local leaf: A healthy “Chipotle-style” joint. Their main focus is to serve local, seasonal Ingredients and you can create your own burrito/salad bowl or wrap. Tasty and healthy!

On a Budget

6. 99 cents Fresh Pizza: No matter how affordable other places are, you can’t do much better than two slices of great pizza and a soda or water for $2.75!

More Options:

If you don’t feel like eating at any other places mentioned above, here are a few more.

7.  Wok to walk: A tasty wok in three easy steps: (1) Choose your base: rice, noodles or vegetables; (2) Choose your meat: Chicken, beef, tofu and others; and (3) Choose your sauce: sweet and sour, teriyaki and others.

8. Minar: Good, quality Indian food for very reasonable prices.

9. Naya Express: The Lebanese Chipotle! With generous portions and diverse choices, Naya has quite a few regulars.

10. Cafe Olympia: Amazingly vast array of choices, from açai bowls to breakfast omelettes, soups or quesadillas. If you are not sure on what you want beforehand, Cafe Olympia is a good option, they have everything!