Exit Briefing

In February 2022, WFUNA held their fourth Exit Briefing for outgoing UN Security Council members. Having worked on transparency at the UN Security Council for several years, through both UNSC Election Debates and Briefings, as well as the UNSC Presidency-CSO Dialogues, WFUNA has responded to requests from Member States and Civil Society Organizations to host an open, transparent and inclusive exit briefing.

CSO Dialogues with UNSC Presidents

In January 2017, WFUNA began hosting monthly dialogues for Presidents of the UN Security Council and Civil Society to allow for greater access to the work of the Security Council and to promote openness and transparency within the UN system. In 2017, dialogues were held with the Permanent Representatives of Sweden, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Uruguay, France, Italy and Japan, and the Deputy Permanent Representative of Ethiopia.

Security Council Debates

In May 2016, the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) convened the first-ever United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Election Debates for Member States competing within their regional blocks for a non-Permanent seat on the Council. These debates are designed to open up the UNSC to the larger UN Community, while providing a platform by which elected Member States are then held accountable to stated priorities during their terms on the Council.