Youth Delegate Programme Multipliers
Pietro Fochi

Pietro is one of the two Youth Delegate of Italy to the United Nations. Enthusiast world citizen, Pietro is both social entrepreneur and student at the School of Law of the University of Bologna. With a strong sense of belonging to the global community, he has taken a variety of international experiences as participant and organizer. In the past years he has worked with public and private sector, spreading the culture of International Organizations and the value of dialogue among People. He firmly believes that Change toward a more equitable and sustainable world shall begin from young people, and that their creative power should be the vehicle for the concrete implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. As Youth Delegate of Italy, he commits to build opportunities and to create and strengthen bridges connecting youth and Institutions. In his role of YDP Multiplier, he commits to support the establishment of the Programme in neighboring Countries to increase effective and inclusive youth participation to decision and policy making processes at the highest levels.