Youth Delegate Programme Multipliers
Meigan Díaz Corona

Meigan Diaz Corona served as one of six Youth Delegates of Mexico to the United Nations in 2018. She is currently enrolled as an International Relations student at Tecnológico de Monterrey Puebla, speaks English, French, Spanish, and German and participates in several youth-led initiatives that advocate for sustainable development. In 2015, she was the International Linkage Director at the NGO "Diálogos Puebla" and founded "Involucratec" a student organization that gives free educational workshops about the 2030 Agenda to children and youth. In 2017, she represented Puebla in the National Youth Parliament and the Chamber of Deputies, where she introduced a bill to tackle gender violence in school. In 2018, she joined the operative team of My World Mexico. Meigan's activism has reached across borders since 2017. She participated in the Global Youth Summit of Global Changemakers in Switzerland and in 2018 she represented Mexico on APCEIU's 4th Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED in South Korea. Meigan firmly believes in multilateralism, cooperation and equality; therefore as a Youth Delegate Multiplier, she commits to work for increasing youth participation and representation in the United Nations.