Not Under the UN FlagPeace and Security is at the heart of the United Nations’ values and purpose. Today, while the overwhelming majority of peacekeepers are mandated to protect civilians, Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) keeps occuring in high numbers under the UN flag.

WFUNA's “Not under the United Nations Flag” campaign provides a space for the UN, Member States, civil society organizations and the public at large to mobilize and lobby for concrete collective actions to achieve the goal of zero SEA cases in UN peace operations. 

Through this campaign, WFUNA will mobilize key actors in the UN, Member States, civil society organizations and the larger public to strengthen and implement the existing tools for fighting SEA. We will also push for adopting new standards and mechanisms to ultimately end SEA under the UN Flag.


Not Under the United Nations Flag Campaign Implications

  • The adoption of a new resolution clarifying the SEA terminology and strengthening the UN’s ability to effectively prevent and address SEA incidents.
  • The adoption of a convention on the criminal accountability of UN non-uniformed personnel aiming at systematic removal of their immunity in cases of credible SEA allegations.
  • The establishment of an independent unit responsible for receiving, reporting and investigating SEA allegations not under Member States’ responsibility. 
  • The establishment of compensation mechanisms for victims of non-uniformed peacekeepers personnel.

In order to attain the above, the campaign will push the UN, lobby Member States, involve the general public and consult experts. In parallel, its suggested solutions will be amplified by the commitment of each campaign participant. We are calling upon you to join the “Not under the United Nations Flag” campaign to help end SEA in UN peace operations.

Not under the United Nations Flag

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Not Under the Flag

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Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet on SEA

This fact sheet (PDF) provides an overview of current peacekeeping operations and the existing mechanisms used to
fight sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA). It also highlights the challenges of those mechanisms and the solutions
proposed by WFUNA’s Not under the United Nations Flag Campaign.