Hyderabad, India
Women and Child Welfare, SDG 4 | 2019

This team of three girls worked towards empowering maids, domestic help, and their children towards receiving an excellent education. They held regular sessions with the domestic help and spoke to them about the importance for their children’s attendance at school and to use proper hygiene and sanitation. The team is currently in conversation with an organization which will train the maids and their community about producing organic sanitary napkins. The students also plan on procuring an insulator, which turns used sanitary napkins into ash. Once they are familiar with this method, the students hope to run a fundraising campaign and install these insulators to provide organic sanitary napkins to schools and colleges. 

Team Blue, SDG 6 | 2019

This team worked on SDG 6- Clean Water and Sanitation and undertook a range of activities. They initiated the cleaning of the Manikonda Lake, they donated sanitary napkins to the Don Bosco Navjeevanam Girls Society, cleaned the premises of Bapu Ghat, and installed water purifier at their community (St. Alphonsus School). 

SDG 15
Green Army, SDG 15 | 2019

This team worked towards creating awareness about the importance of having green surroundings. They performed a combination of activities such as organizing a lake cleaning drive, collaborating with external organizations, planting saplings, and designing a “Green Wall” at their school to spread awareness. 

Legends of Earth, SDG 6 | 2019

This team worked on SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation and worked with a public school that did not have access to clean drinking water. The team went about raising funds and procured RO Water Purifiers for the school. Along with the other Mission Possible groups in their school, they also organized a massive clean-up of the Manikonda Lake. 

Thinking Beyond Pink and Blue, SDG 5 | 2018
Thinking Beyond Pink and Blue

This group’s focus was to help start a progressive and liberal dialogue regarding women’s rights in their school and two other schools as a way to promote gender equality. They did this by administering surveys, conducting social experiments, hosting open discussions on topics like universalization of the pay grade and gender discrimination in the work place, role of women in armed forces, breaking gender stereotypes, reservation for women and women in power.

Project Flash, SDG 3 | 2018
Project Flash

This team chose to spread awareness about leading a healthy lifestyle to people in their city. They focused on the importance of mental and physical wellbeing while living fast paced lives in a big city like Hyderabad to different stakeholders. They did this by hosting yoga sessions at partner schools, conducting awareness surveys and competitions, organizing health camps and supplies. They also spread awareness in two rural schools they had adopted.

Team Suvidya, SDG 4 | 2018
Team Suvidya

This group aimed to spread awareness about the importance of attaining an excellent education in an environment that is conducive to learning and supports every student’s wellbeing. They started the project in their own school and then spread it to other schools. They conducted workshops on bullying, postsecondary education pathways, and other relevant causes at the school level.

Meridian School, Banjara Hills, SDG 12 | 2016

Mission Possible students at Meridian School chose to address the issue of water wastage and consumption within their school campus. Through the project investigation, students determined that water was being wasted on a daily basis due to a variety of factors such as leaky faucets and carelessness. They had the leaks repaired, affixed aerators to faucets to reduce wastage, and devised a system to collect and recycle rainwater and unused drinking water for mopping floors and gardening. As a result of their efforts, water consumption at the school decreased from 80,000 to 68,000 liters per day – a difference of 15 percent!