Yerevan, Armenia

Global Bridge School became a Mission Possible school in 2016. 

Education for Everyone, SDG 4 | 2016
Education for Everyone, SDG 4 | 2016

Mission Possible students at Global Bridge School chose to address the issue of access to quality education for children from low-income families. Students mentored and tutored children attending Zatik Child Support Centre. They worked with two groups of primary and secondary children. The team helped the children with their schoolwork and organized workshops on the subjects of English and Math. The students designed the workshop content and delivered it to each of the groups according to their learning needs and interests.

Recycling Program, SDG 12 | 2016
Recycling Program

Mission Possible students at Global Bridge School aimed to increase environmental awareness and foster a culture of recycling in Armenian schools. Students started a paper recycling program at their school and initiated visits with other schools in the community to encourage them to start similar programs. Students conducted an awareness-raising campaign to encourage their peers to avoid wasting paper by collecting it in special hand-made recycling boxes. The team also established a partnership with a local recycling factory to process the paper they collect.