Hyderabad, India
HEAL+H FIRST, SDG 3 | 2018

This team worked with Shraddha School, a school for differently abled children in Hyderabad to ensure that children with disabilities have access to knowledge on the essentials of a healthy and well-maintained lifestyle. The main goals of this project were to teach students how to administer first aid, educate them about a healthy lifestyle that includes eating healthy, exercising regularly, and a proper sleep cycle.

Gitanjali Senior School, SDG 4 | 2016

Mission Possible students at Gitanjali wanted to raise awareness of the importance of quality education among low-income communities. Inspired by their mutual love of reading and passion for sharing good books, they decided to focus on literacy for their Mission Possible project. They identified a local public school that lacked sufficient reading materials for its students, and made a plan to create the school’s first-ever library. They conducted a book drive at their school through which they collected more than 300 books in English, Telugu, and Hindi. Local sponsors helped by building a new “reading room” at the school.