Yerevan, Armenia

Anania Shirakatsy Armenian National Lyceum became a Mission Possible school in 2016. 

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being
Mobile Health Clinic, SDG 3 | 2016
Anania Shirakatsy Armenian National Lyceum Mobile Health Clinic

Mission Possible students at Anania Shirakatsy Lyceum decided to help women in their community who were forced to flee their homes due to domestic violence. After conducting some research, the students discovered that many women, especially those living in shelters, do not have access to hygiene products due to their high price, contributing to the spread of infections and impacting women’s health in Armenia. To address this issue, students prepared handmade biodegradable menstrual pads to improve hygiene and living standards for 87 women in their local community.

SDG 16
Shirakatsy Parliament, SDG 16 | 2016
Shirakatsy Parliament

One of the Mission Possible student teams at Anania Shirakatsy Lyceum established the Shirakatsy Parliament (ShiP) to make the school’s decision-making process more effective and inclusive. ShiP is responsible for proposing projects and initiatives on campus and beyond in order to increase student participation and active engagement in school governance. To ensure the sustainability of their project, the students drafted a document outlining the rules and regulations of ShiP which will serve as a guide for future generations. 

Mentoring Program, SDG 4 | 2016
Mentoring Program (Armenia)

A team of Mission Possible students at Anania Shirakatsy Lyceum aimed to provide children in grades 1-9 in the local community with quality education through mentorship. They organized and conducted workshops on several subjects including Math, 3 languages, Arts, Psychology and Science. During the workshops, the team introduced interesting topics and conducted discussions to build mentor-mentee relationships and help children develop a sense of global citizenship. The team also collaborated with high school students in Gyumri to share their experience with the goal of inspiring them to set up a similar program in their community.