COVID-19 Update: Some of our events have been cancelled/postponed due to the virus outbreak. Check back for updated dates.

What is UN75?

To mark its 75th anniversary in 2020, the United Nations will launch "the biggest ever global conversation on the role of global cooperation in building the future we want." Under the leadership of UN Secretary-General António Guterres, this initiative serves as a means to rejuvenate global cooperation through consultations, dialogues, or simply conversations across the world.


What are the important dates?

October 24, 2019: Official Launch

January 2, 2020: Official Launch/Multimedia Toolkit

March 26, 2020: WFUNA Webinar POSTPONED

September 21, 2020: UN General Assembly

October 24, 2020: UN Close Day

December 31, 2020: Official Close


How will WFUNA and UNAs be involved?

From January onwards, WFUNA will reach out to partners (UNAs, WFUNA Youth Network, and WFUNA Youth Advisory Council) through a letter from the WFUNA Secretary-General. A dedicated email address has been created to channel communication between WFUNA and UNAs in order to provide updates related to the campaign, to answer any questions our partners may have and stimulate their ideas on how they want to mark the occasion. You can reach us at

As a next step, a call will be convened on the 26th of March (9am EST) by WFUNA Secrety-General Bonian Golmohammadi with interested UNAs to share more detailed information and collectively determine the best way to engage in this process. Also, a tab on our website has been rate specifically dedicated to UN75 updates. We encourage you to check out this tab frequently as it will be used to showcase events organized by UNAs and share relevant material or updates. We hope you can join us in mobilizing your members to join the conversation around UN75.


How can WFUNA and UNAs concretely engage in this process?

As WFUNA has officially partnered up with the Office of the Special Adviser on the Preparations for the Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations (UN75), we have created three tiers of engagement for UNAs to choose from. These tiers should not be considered as steps and are meant to provide several options for UNAs based on the level of desired engagement. 

1. Become a UN 75 partner: By reaching out to us officially stating that you would like to support the campaign, we will ask you to provide us with your UNA's logo to include in our website.

2. Join the online conversation: You can join the online conversation by engaging in the social media campaign. Record a video (one per UNA) answering one or more of the following question(s):

"What three things can save the world?"

"Why does global cooperation matter?"

"Why is it important for your UNA to participate in UN75?"

For guidance, kindly refer to a video WFUNA staff already created. Each video contribution should be short (approximately 203 minutes) and highlight specific role of UNAs in UN75. Make sure you share the video with us so we can share it. 

3. Conduct a UN75 dialogue: Bring relevant stakeholders together for a UN75 dialogue. For more information on how to conduct them, you can check the toolkit that the UN has create and a toolkit on our website found here. Make sure to document the event by taking photos and preparing a summary to tell his how it went by using this online form. Also, if you are planning an event, please inform us about it beforehand using this form, so that we can include it on our website.